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A company’s proposal or qualification statement often brands its first impression on potential clients. Your proposal is the visual communication that grabs consideration for contracting opportunities and demonstrates what makes your company special. Professionalism, qualifications, experience, and stability are the key characteristics that your proposal will speak to. Therefore, it is extremely important that your company have a solid internal process to ensure that proposals are well developed, written, and managed.


Often small companies lack the resources to have a proposal department and unfortunately may pass on potential contracting and bid opportunities because they do not want to deal with proposal preparation. This guide was specifically developed for those small businesses. The author of this guide has worked in the construction industry for over ten years in management, proposal writing, and contract administration management on the owner representative and contractors side. She has prepared proposals for federal acquisitions and projects in the construction, engineering, transportation, and aviation industry.


The average cost of hiring a proposal writer can range $800- $2000 depending on the complexity of the RFP and the company’s pre-formulated information. This guide is a one-time purchase that could aid your company in winning contracts, contributing to company revenues for years to come.

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The “Proposal Development Easy Guide” is a simple guide that provides the basics of proposal development. Along with the guide, are administrative tools to assist in managing and preparing proposals. The goal of this guide is to obliterate the intimidation and stress that tends to surround the idea of proposal preparation.

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